The Rotary Club of Carpinteria (Noon) and our charitable foundation again hosted the  Carpinteria Talent Showcase on February 18, 2017 and we wanted to share our accomplishments and mention plans for the future in this article.
The Carpinteria Rotary Club’s Charitable Foundation has been purchasing instruments for the elementary and middle school music programs in the Carpinteria Unified School District.  Since 2013, we have raised $34,000 for new musical instruments and $2500 to refurbish used instruments.  This summer the foundation delivered 27 new instruments that included violins, cellos, alto saxophones and trumpets.  In addition, through our used instrument program, we refurbished and delivered 37 used instruments, many with new cases. While this money has purchased instruments that have made a difference in many children’s lives, many more children have come forward expressing an interest in learning to play music. Through the efforts of Tom Pavia, music teacher for the middle and elementary schools, more students are now expressing an interest in the music program.  Unfortunately, with so many interested kids and too few instruments, children share or go without an instrument to play.
Interestingly, research has repeatedly found that learning to play a musical instrument significantly improves academic skills including memory enhancement, mathematics, hand-eye coordination and interpersonal communications skills.  Beyond academics, the study of music and playing an instrument improves personal discipline, boosts self-esteem, and introduces children to new cultures.
At our request, Tom Pavia compiled a wish list that includes timpani and orchestral gongs, baritone horns, French horns, tenor saxophones, oboes, violas and a bass clarinet.  In addition, we hope to provide a Shell-Sound Reflector System to enhance the acoustics during rehearsals and performances.
To this end we are again planning for the 2018 Carpinteria Talent Showcase and we hope you will keep us in mind for sponsorship considerations when we once again host the Showcase in February 2018.